"Tango is the music of Buenos Aires, the music of the great masters such as Carlos Gardel, Astor Piazzolla or Horacio Salgán. But tango is also what we live today and what affects us, other countries, cultures and musicians, the freedom of interpretation.
Tango is my language, here I am at home and interpret it like I feel it.”

Woiz has collaborated with legends of the Tango world, including Juan José Mosalini, Julia Zenko, Alfredo Marcucci, Quique Sinesi, Alberto Podestá, and Osvaldo Montes.
He played the piano in "Sexteto de Gabriel Merlino", in "Tango Pasión show” (Europe-Tour 2009, 2015) and together with the „Sexteto de Luis Stazo“.
Pablo Woiz has completed piano studies at the "Conservatorio Juan José Castro" in Buenos Aires in Argentina and continued with Aldo Antognazzi and Gabriel Senanes. But his actual school is the permanent exploration of the music itself. Tango in its traditional form, tango of Astor Piazzolla, tango in the development and fusion with other musical influences like Zamba or Chacarera. Every concert makes him rethink his musical language, questioning the interpretation, and delve deeper into the understanding of it.
Since 2007 Pablo Woiz, born in Argentina, lives and works in Berlin.

Pablo Woiz does not play tango, but he lives it at every moment of his interpretation, as a solo pianist, in duo with the guitarist Federico Díaz, with the bandoneonist Omar Massa, the trio Milonga Roots or in collaboration with symphony orchestras.

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